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1[TOYR Gacha]

yalls are a bunch of crazies and i love it// rates are: R - 80% ; SR - 15% ; SSR - 4.5% ; UR - 0.5%

2TOYRP: Treasure Chest Randomizer

Randomizer for loot found in Ylemia RP Dungeons.Strictly with format: username<three-digit chest number> (e.g. akiVinz001)https://talesofylemiarp.deviantart.com/

3Tales of Ylemia Character Generator v2.0

Character Generator for my own "Tales of" title, "Tales of Ylemia". Re-made to focus on appearance. Contains gag weapons.Read more: http://worldofylemia.wikia.com/wiki/Tales_of_Ylemia_Wiki

4Tales of Ylemia Character Generator

MAINLY FOR PERSONAL USE. But free to use it, anyway. Character Generator for my own "Tales of" title, "Tales of Ylemia".Read more: http://worldofylemia.wikia.com/wiki/Tales_of_Ylemia_Wiki[NOTE: Erdyr = Earth Dyr; Ariadyr = Aerial Dyr; Waidyr = Aqua Dyr]

5Danganronpa Ultimate Title!

Has both class number and title. Contains talents, skills, professions, and innate values. Will add more to the list in the future.

6Tales of Stat Generator!

Stat generator for Tales of characters.

7Tales of Series Character Role!

Discover which character role you are in the world of Bandai Namco's Tales of Series! Also has small descriptions. This may also help making Tales of OCs.[NOTE! This is still a work in progress and a very rough beta. The list will be expanded as it goes.]
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